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Cupuacu Fruit

The health benefits of cupuacu fit the trend towards a greater interest in healthful eating, natural beauty and anti-aging has caused many to seek out superfruits with potent health benefits. Many of them are extremely beneficial, others are not. However, there is so much ongoing research and such a hunger for these products that new foods and ingredients from around the world are still being discovered here in the US. Cupuacu is one of those superfruits with amazing health benefits.

What is Cupuacu?

Cupuacu is a tropical fruit found primarily in the rainforests of Brazil. Related to cacao, cupuacu provides similar health benefits and more. The fruits are the size of a small melon and covered in a husk similar to a coconut. Inside are the succulent flesh and large black seeds that look a bit like those of a papaya.

How is Cupuacu Used?

The flesh of the Cupuacu is eaten raw or sweetened and used to make candies, juices and jellies among other products. The seeds are dried and ground to make a drink similar to hot chocolate, but drunk more like coffee because of its energy boosting properties. As demand increases for cupuacu’s health benefits many are exploring the possibilities of growing Cupuacu in other tropical climates, the supply now is extremely limited and shipping the fresh fruit is expensive and problematic. For these reasons, most of the Cupuacu available in the US is in the form of a nutritional supplement, lotion, balm or powder. Why so many variations? This superfruit not only has an incredible variety of uses but it’s loaded with nutrients that boost it’s health benefits.

The Weight Loss Benefits of Cupuacu

Andrew Zimmer of the Travel Channel recently told the “Today Show” that South Americans consider cupuacu a pharmacy unto itself and is a testament to cupuacu’s health benefits. For centuries, indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been using cupuacu for everything from pain relief to a pick-me-up. One of the most amazingly widespread applications for cupuacu, though, is nutrition.

Cupuacu is loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids that make it an incredibly effective supplement for weight loss, fat loss and metabolism. These micronutrients boost energy levels, increase fat loss and even reduce the production of fat cells in the body. The nutrients in cupuacu raise the metabolism to burn more fat and also prevent new fat from being stored on the body. This is an incredible combination of properties that is rarely found in one food and is just one reason why cupuacu has serious health benefits.

The Medicinal Benefits of Cupuacu

For hundreds of years, the people of South America have used the cupuacu to treat pain and illness. The seeds are often chewed slowly as an effective pain reliever. The flavonoids in cupuacu are a natural anti-histamine, inhibiting the release of histamine into the bloodstream and reducing allergy symptoms. They are also an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing the swelling of arthritis, allergic reaction and other conditions.

Because the antioxidants it contains boost the immune system, cupuacu has even more health benefits. Increased resistance to disease, decreased heart rate and blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels are just a few of the health benefits this one fruit offers.

The Beauty and Anti-Aging Benefits of Cupuacu

The health benefits of antioxidants found in cupuacu act as a very effective weapon against free radicals, which are the number one cause of the signs of aging. Your skin, hair and nails benefit from the inside and on the outside by using cupuacu as a nutritional supplement and a topical treatment.

Cupuacu also contains an excellent supply of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids not only make skin more supple and hair more lustrous, they also improve brain function in several areas. These fatty acids help maintain short term memory, prevent mood swings and aid retention-these are all benefits that people of middle age and older can deeply appreciate.

Cupuacu also preserves and protects the Vitamin C supply in your body. Since Vitamin C is the foundation of cell growth and cell renewal, this has enormous anti-aging implications. Everyday stress depletes the body of its Vitamin C stores, reducing the supply available for new cell growth.

Cupuacu has so many health benefits that using it in any form will benefit your entire body. The time to get it is now, while it is still being harvested and processed with a minimum of additives and unnecessary ingredients and before increased popularity makes it incredibly limited and expensive.

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